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Accurate strain measurements in highly strained Ge microbridges

Gassenq A., Tardif S., Guilloy K., Dias G.O., Pauc N., Duchemin I., Rouchon D., Hartmann J.M., Widiez J., Escalante J.M., Niquet Y.M., Geiger R., Zabel T., Sigg H., Faist J., Chelnokov A., Rieutord F., Reboud V., Calvo V.,
Applied Physics Letters 108, 241902-1-241902-4 (2016)

Laue Microdiffraction at the ESRF

Robach O., Kirchlechner C., Micha J.S., Ulrich O., Biquard X., Geaymond O., Castelnau O., Bornert M., Petit J., Berveiller S., Sicardy O., Villanova J., Rieutord F.,
In: " Strain and Dislocation Gradients from Diffraction Spatially-Resolved Local Structure and Defects" Barabash R. (Eds.) Ice G.E. (Eds.) (Imperial College Press, 2014) pp. 156-204