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Detail from the painting "The Scream" by Edvard Munch, 1893.

#weekendusers The quest to preserve “The Scream”


The yellow pigment in the masterpiece “The Scream” is fading. This weekend, an international team of chemists is on beamline ID21 trying to find out why, in order to preserve it from degradation.


Mammalian cell with its actin filaments, forming its cytoskeleton, labelled with mScarlet. Credits: Lindsay Haarbosch (U. of Amsterdam).

The birth of the brightest red glowing protein


The brightest red fluorescent protein ever, mScarlet, has just been engineered by researchers at the University of Amsterdam, the Institut de Biologie Structurale, IBS (CEA/CNRS/University Grenoble Alpes) and the ESRF. mScarlet can be used to...


#weekendusers The challenges of studying the heartbeat


​A team from the University of Florence (Italy) and VU university Medical School of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) is working this weekend on beamline ID02 doing a very complex experiment to learn how the heart contraction is regulated with the...


3D catalysts developed by Vesna Middelkoop and Lidia Protasova (VITO).

First users on brand new beamline ID15


The new ID15 beamline, with a branch for high pressure experiments and another one for materials chemistry and materials engineering, is officially inaugurated. Last weekend, the first two teams of users exploited its possibilites, studying...


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The structure of an activated G protein coupled receptor bound to an engineered G protein


Development of an engineered G protein, mini-Gs, has simplified the structure determination of a mini-Gs—bound G protein-coupled receptor (GPCRs) in a fully-active state. Similar strategies can now be applied to other GPCRs, which will advance...


Schematic illustration of Pt@MCM-22 showing the location of Pt species within the zeolite framework.

Stable subnanometric platinum catalyst characterised by XAS


Single metal atoms and clusters have unique catalytic properties compared with conventional nanoparticulate catalysts. In this work, subnanometric Pt species (single atoms and clusters) were encapsulated within a three-dimensional zeolite MCM-22...


DNA replication and transcription may have jointly evolved from a common catalytic core.

Crystal structure of PolD provides a novel paradigm for the classification of DNA polymerases


Polymerase D, PolD, an archaeal replicative DNA polymerase, is the only class of DNA-polymerases whose structure remains unknown and for which the catalytic domain has no assigned fold. The structure of both catalytic subunits of PolD was determined...


Perovksite solar cells under the nXRD microscope


A new technique based on scanning nanofocus X-ray diffraction paves the way for a better understanding of the links between crystal structure and morphology of the perovskite photo-active layer employed in third-generation solar cells.


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