Umbrella workshop - 14 & 15 November 2013

Brainstorming on the Umbrella portal & associated services with User offices & IT.

The workshop will be a noon-noon meeting on November 14, 12:00 - Nov 15, 14:00.

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Research at the European analytical facilities has always been on a highly
international level with over 30'000 visiting scientists annually.
The management of these visits, however, with all its components, is
being performed individually by the facilities.

There are now increasing indications which call for a handling of those
issues which are common between the facilities. Nearly 1/2 of the users
perform experiments at more than one facility, and users ask e.g. for
remote data access and remote experiment access.

User services of that type always request to be based upon a unique and
persistent user identification, which has not existed up to now.
The answer to this request is the Umbrella system. It will not replace
the user identification presently in operation at the facilities, it
is a new layer placed on top in order to provide this new functionality.
The technical development of Umbrella is concluded, extensive tests have
been performed and deployment at the faciltilies is in full swing.

hus, this is the right time for an overview of the status and for
discussing the system with our colleagues active and interested in
the Umbrella project but also the practitioners at the facilities,
especially the user office staff.