NanoMAX @ Max IV, status and scientific opportunities

Start Date
11-09-2017 13:30
End Date
11-09-2017 14:30
Room 03-1-17
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Max IV laboratory, Lund, Sweden
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Anaïs Fernandes
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NanoMAX is the hard x-ray nanoprobe of Max IV laboratory in Lund, Sweden. It exploits the exceptional characteristics of Max IV machine for the production of focused and coherent beams in the energy range 5-30keV. Its design includes two experimental stations, one optimised for diffraction, providing flexibility for scattering geometries and space for sample environment, the other optimised for tomography combined with XRF and for the ultimate direct resolution with the use of FZP. The scientific field covered by the beamline extends from physics, materials science, to life and environmental science.

The beamline received first light in April 2016 and is now in advanced commissioning phase. User operation has started early in 2017 and will continue in parallel with commissioning activities.

In this presentation I will give a general overview of the project, and show first results. I will illustrate the actual and the planned capabilities of the beamline and will focus of possible science cases to be addressed used scanning spectroscopy and diffraction at a high brilliance synchrotron source.

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