Nano X-ray imaging for materials science: a SOFC study

Start Date
12-09-2017 09:00
End Date
12-09-2017 10:00
Room 03-1-17
Speaker's name
Julie Villanova
Speaker's institute
ESRF, X-Ray NanoProbe Group, Grenoble, France
Contact name
Anaïs Fernandes
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Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) are high-performance electrochemical devices for energy conversion made of a complex multilayered and poly-phased structure including various ceramics and metals. They can provide a solution to the quest for clean energy which is nowadays one of the most important scientific challenges. In order to develop efficient, durable and reliable devices, a deep understanding of the degradation processes occurring at the nano-scale is strongly needed.

The combination of nano X-ray imaging based on XRF, XRD, XANES and phase contrast which are powerful techniques allowing for the characterization of heterogeneous materials in a non-destructive way, has brought novel insight into these degradation phenomena. In this talk, the study of nickel agglomeration, poisoning, elemental diffusion and mechanical failure into the SOFCs using the various nano X-ray imaging methods available at ID16B will be presented.

However, to understand precisely the multiple processes occurring during the elaboration or under operation of sophisticated devices like SOFCs, in-situ measurements at the highest time and spatial resolutions are required. In that respect, a new in-situ high temperature nanotomography stage has been successfully developed on ID16B. The first results will be described, showing unambiguously the important input of in-situ investigation on the study of nanoscale dynamics in materials.

Finally, the new opportunities for material science investigation at the nanoscale opened by the EBS upgrade at ID16B will be presented.

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