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Investigation of Herculaneum Papyri by X-ray phase-contrast tomography

Bukreeva I., Ranocchia G., Formoso V., Alessandrelli M., Fratini M., Massimi L., Cedola A.,
In: "Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials for Diagnostic, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Advanced Nanomaterials" Lazzara G. (Eds.) Fakhrullin R. (Eds.) (Elsevier, 2019) pp. 299-324

CrystalDirect-to-Beam: Opening the shortest path from crystal to data

Felisaz F., Sinoir J., Papp G., Pica A., Bowler M.W., Murphy P., Hoffmann G., Zander U., Lopez-Marrero M., Janocha R., Giraud T., Svensson O., Popov S., Leonard G., Mueller-Dieckmann C., Márquez J.A., McCarthy A.A., Cipriani F.,
AIP Conference Proceedings 2054, 050009-1-050009-8 (2019)

SAR studies leading to the identification of a novel series of metallo-β-lactamase inhibitors for the treatment of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae infections that display efficacy in an animal infection model

Leiris S., Coelho A., Castandet J., Bayet M., Lozano C., Bougnon J., Bousquet J., Everett M., Lemonnier M., Sprynski N., Zalacain M., Pallin T.D., Cramp M.C., Jennings N., Raphy G., Jones M.W., Pattipati R., Shankar B., Sivasubrahmanyam R., Soodhagani A.K., Juventhala R.R., Pottabathini N., Pothukanuri S., Benvenuti M., Pozzi C., Mangani S., De Luca F., Cerboni G., Docquier J.D., Davies D.T.,
ACS Infectious Diseases 5, 131-140 (2019)

Basics of semiconducting metal oxide–based gas sensors

Oprea A., Degler D., Barsan N., Hemeryck A., Rebholz J.,
In: "Gas Sensors Based on Conducting Metal Oxides Basic Understanding, Technology and Applications Metal Oxides" Barsan N. (Eds.) Schierbaum K. (Eds.) (Elsevier, 2019) pp. 61-165

Recurrent activating mutations of PPARγ associated with luminal bladder tumors

Rochel N., Krucker C., Coutos-Thevenot L., Osz J., Zhang R., Guyon E., Zita W., Vanthong S., Alba Hernandez O., Bourguet M., Badawy K.A., Dufour F., Peluso-Iltis C., Heckler-Beji S., Dejaegere A., Kamoun A., de Reynies A., Neuzillet Y., Rebouissou S., Beraud C., Lang H., Massfelder T., Allory Y., Cianférani S., Stote R.H., Radvanyi F., Bernard-Pierrot I.,
Nature Communications 10, 253-1-253-12 (2019)

High-pressure polymorphism of BaFe2Se3

Svitlyk V., Garbarino G., Rosa A.D., Rosa A., Pomjakushina E., Krzton-Maziopa A., Conder K., Núñez-Regueiro M., Mezouar M.,
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 31, 085401-1-085401-8 (2019)