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Coherent hard X-ray multiprojection imaging

Villanueva-Perez P., Pedrini B., Mokso R., Vagovic P., Guzenko V., Leake S., Willmott P.R., David C., Chapman H.N., Stampanoni M.,
Microscopy and Microanalysis 24, 50-51 (2018)

Theoretical analysis and experimental applications of X-ray waveguides

Bukreeva I., Pelliccia D., Cedola A., Sorrentino A., Scarinci F., Ilie M., Fratini M., Asadchikov V.E., Nosik V.L., Lagomarsino S.,
In: "Short wavelength laboratory sources: Principles and practices" Bleiner D. (Eds.) Costello J. (Eds.) Dortan F. (Eds.) O'Sullivan G. (Eds.) Pina L. (Eds.) Michette A. (Eds.) (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015) pp. 65-84

Application of micro- and nanobeams for materials Science

Martínez-Criado G.,
In: "Synchrotron Light Sources and Free-Electron Lasers. Accelerator Physics, Instrumentation and Science Applications" Jaeschke E. (Eds.) Khan S. (Eds.) Schneider J.R. (Eds.) Hastings J.B. (Eds.) (Springer, 2015) pp. 1-31

3D heteroepitaxy of mismatched semiconductors on silicon

Falub C.V., Kreiliger T., Isa F., Taboada A.G., Meduna M., Pezzoli F., Bergamaschini R., Marzegalli A., Müller E., Chrastina D., Isella G., Neels A., Niedermann P., Dommann A., Miglio L., von Känel H.,
Thin Solid Films 557, 42-49 (2014)

X-ray and neutron scattering

Kostorz G.,
In: "Physical Metallurgy (Fifth Edition)" Laughlin D.E. (Eds.) Hono K. (Eds.) (Elsevier, 2014) pp. 1227-1316

Epitaxial Ge-crystal arrays for X-ray detection

Kreiliger T., Falub C.V., Isa F., Isella G., Chrastina D., Bergamaschini R., Marzegalli A., Kaufmann R., Niedermann P., Neels A., Müller E., Meduna M., Dommann A., Miglio L., von Känel H.,
Journal of Instrumentation 9, C03019-1-C03019-8 (2014)

Surface phase transitions in BiFeO3 below room temperature

Jarrier R., Martí X., Herrero-Albillos J., Ferrer P., Haumont R., Gemeiner P., Geneste G., Berthet P., Schülli T., Cevc P., Blinc R., Wong S.S., Park T.J., Alexe M., Carpenter M.A., Scott J.F., Catalan G., Dkhil B.,
Physical Review B 85, 184104-1-184104-10 (2012)