ID15 has been refurbished to become a canted beam line. This houses the former high pressure diffraction setup from ID09A on the ID15B branch and two hutches for materials engineering and materials chemistry on the ID15A branch. Proposals are accepted as normal. Please feel free to contact any of the instrument staff to discuss your requirements.

Key points for EH2 (Materials Engineering)

  • Energy range 20 < E < 140 KeV monochromatic, and white beam to 750 KeV

  • Beam sizes from 50 µm to 8 mm

Key points for EH3 (Materials Chemistry)

  • Energy range 20 < E < 140 KeV
  • Beam sizes from 1 µm to 8 mm


The ID15A branch contains two in-line experimental hutches for high-energy X-ray experiments. The first, EH2, is for materials engineering experiments, and the second, EH3, is for materials chemistry experiments. For more information, see the links below:

Materials Engineering-EH2

Materials Chemistry-EH3

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