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Diffractometer Microdiffractometer MD2
Sample Changer FlexHCD
Energy 6-20 keV
Flux (@11.56 keV) 8∙1012 ph/s
Wavelength 2.0-0.6 A
Max beamsize 40x25 µm²

Max beamsize

Flux density (@11.56keV)


~ 6∙109 ph/s/µm²

Min beamsize 10x10 µm²

Min beamsize

Flux density (@11.56keV)


~8∙1010 ph/s/µm²

Detector Pilatus 6M-F
Fluorescence detector Ketek
Special setup Dehumidifier, Raman-On-Line

de Sanctis, D. et al., (2012). J. Synchrotron Rad. 19, 455-461.

ID29 is an undulator beamline with a routinely accessible energy range of 20.0 keV and 6.0 keV (0.62 Å to 2.07 Å) intended for high intensity, high energy resolution MAD and SAD measurements. The beamline offers a highly brilliant beam (~10^13 ph/s) over the wide energy range and a quickly resizable beam size at the sample position. Beamline operation is completely automated. Pilatus 6M detector and Microdiffractometer electronics enable the use of fast meshes with variable beamsize and continous helical scans. The high flux together with a fast detector and electronic makes possible to perform percursory serial crytallography measurements using synchrotron radiation.

75um.png (75um aperture)


New OAV camera


August 2017: New OAV camera installed