All MX group beamlines are equipped with Oxford Cryosystems 700 series cryostreams. They are mounted on a pneumatic slider for in/out positioning of the cryostream for mounting.

  • The cryostream should already be running at 100 K when you arrive. If you wish to change the temperature during your experiment please feel free to do so, but please reset it to 100 K before you leave.
  • The dewar for the cryostream is refilled automatically. You can monitor the status of the cryostream and it's dewar using the cryospy software on each beamline control PC. If necessary the LN2 dewar can be refilled manually by selecting "Manual" on the timer box. Always put the switch back to automatic when you have finished!


Accurate alignment of the cryostream is quite important for the collection of good data.
Click here for a description how to check and optimize the cryo alignment.