The Optistat CF-V is a vacuum loading continuous flow cryostat. Liquid cryogen is drawn from a separate helium or nitrogen storage dewar and circulated through the heat exchanger in the cryostat. The cryogen flow is regulated by needle valves on the transfer tube and in the exhaust line. Precise temperature control is obtained using temperature controller. 

The sample is positioned on the sample holder which is in good thermal contact with the heat exchanger. The sample holder is surrounded by the cryostat vacuum. To change the sample, the cryostat is warmed to room temperature, the vacuum released and the outer vacuum case and radiation shield removed.


  • Temperature range:   3.8 - 300 K
  • Temperature stability:  +-0.1 K
  • Cooldown time (initial from ambient):   40 min
  • Cooldown time (subsequent with transfer tube cold):   10 min
  • Sample change time:   60 min
  • Weight:   2 kg
  • Temperature controller:  LakeShore
  • Temperature sensors: RhFe (close to heater) + Cernox (close to sample)