The frontier experiments in hyperfine spectroscopy demand extreme conditions of sample environments, which typically are low/high temperature, high pressure and high magnetic field. Very often all these conditions are required simultaneously. Furthermore, an option of specular reflectometry at these conditions has to be provided.

In order to meet these requirements, we have purchased two special cryogenic systems from CryoIndustries. They allows users to work in the temperature range  2 K to 300 K and to accommodate a high-pressure diamond-anvil cell with an outer diameter up to 48 mm. In the first system the magnetic field may be varied in the horizontal plane up to ±6 T and in the second system in the vertical plane up to ±8 T.

To provide an option of specular reflectometry, the systems are mounted on a motorized table, equipped with a two-circle element (±5o). The windows have apertures up to ±25o for out-going radiation. This allows on the one hand grazing incidence investigations and on the other hand to take Debye-Scherrer images.


  • Temperature range:    2 -- 300K
  • Magnetic field:            ±6 T (±8 T)
  • Tilt and Bragg angle:           ±5 degree
  • optional: motorized sample rotation around vertical axis
  • Temperature controllers:  Cernox (close to heater) + Cernox (close to sample)
  • Techniques can be applied:  nuclear forward scattering, grazing incidence, and SMS




Cross-section (sample region)

cross-section (sample region)


Sample holder