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A 3 years post-doc position between CEA and ESRF is open (deadline october 30th 2017). Topic: In situ synchrotron X-ray monitoring of the growth of defect-free two-dimensional materials by liquid-metal catalytic routes. More informations can be found here


The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA) have jointly constructed and now operate the CRG-IF beamline at ESRF in order to propose powerful X-ray beams to french surface researchers. One third of the beamtime is allocated in counterpart to the european scientific community. This beamline opened at the beginning of the ESRF, was the first CRG Beamline operational. BM32 is now composed of technical and scientific staff coming from CNRS (INP/SPrAM UMR 5819 and Institut Néel), and CEA (DSM/INAC/SP2M/NRS).


Two instruments are available to offer a complementary characterization of surfaces and interfaces in soft and hard condensed matter:

  • (1) In-situ study of atomic layers growth under ultra high vacuum is allowed in the In Situ Nanostructures and Surfaces (INS) hutch.
  • (2) The multitechnic goniometer (GMT) working in air offers large possibilities to investigate interfaces between different elements or states of matter.

A new instrument (since march 2006) designed for submicronic focussed white beam (Laue) diffraction:

  • (3) Determination of the local orientation and complete lattice unit cell (full strain tensor) of submicronic grains in polycristalline materials (Laue MicroDiffraction)
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Beamtime can be allocated by submitting proposals to two scientific program committees:

  • French or CRG beamtime through French committees (shared with SOLEIL synchrotron committees)
  • standard ESRF beamtime through ESRF international committees.

When choosing the suited instrument for your experiments during the electronic submission procedure please:

  • for UHV + goniometer in INS hutch (former name SUV)                                           select                IF-INS
  • for GMT goniometer (monochromatic beam) in GMT hutch                                     select                IF-GMT
  • for Laue Microdiffraction installation (white beam) in GMT hutch                        select                IF-GMT


(1) Beamtime Proposals on FRENCH CRG-beamtime must be submitted at synchrotron SOLEIL (SUNSET server)

before the 15th september 2017 23:59 french time

for the period from march 2018 to end of july 2018. Beamtime is reserved to french laboratories or academic groups

(2) Beamtime Proposals on INTERNATIONAL ESRF beamtime must be submitted at ESRF users server

before the 10th of September 2017 23:59 french time

for the period from march 2018 to end of july 2018. Beamtime is reserved to laboratories or academic groups of european ESRF contributors countries (including France)

ESRF users portal

see more details in BM32 User guide


In case of troubleshoutings, issues with instruments & software, get prepared with your future experiments environment: BM32 WIKI


Beamline activites and capabilities are described in the pages of this website. Scientific production is listed in Beamline & Publications and with corresponding impact metrics: