Introduction to the Raman scattering principle

Jens Kreisel

Experimental opportunities, examples and equipment available for combined in-situ studies at SNBL

Wouter van Beek

Simultaneous μRaman spectroscopy and X-ray μDiffraction at ID13

Richard Davies

New imaging techniques in Raman spectroscopy - Defining new standards for high speed image data acquisition.

KPJ Williams, M Belleil

In situ simultaneous Raman/<High-Resolution X-ray Powder Diffraction> study of transformations occurring in materials at non ambient conditions

Marco Milanesio

Structure and Dynamics of water in confined pores - dehydration effects in natural zeolites

Dewi Lewis


In situ and ex situ Raman studies on LiBH4 and related compounds

Hans Hagemann


The effect of high-pressure on functional ABO3 perovskite-type oxides

Jens Kreisel

Interplay between structural and electronic behavior in iron bearing silicate perovskites at conditions of Earth lower mantle: Inside from combined X-ray diffraction, Mossbauer and Raman spectroscopy, NFS, and XANES studies

Leonid Dubrovinsky

Combined X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy studies of phase transitions in crystalline amino acids at low temperatures and high pressures. Selected examples

Elena Boldyreva



3D mapping of reciprocal space and inelastic X-ray scattering

Dmitry Chernyshov


Raman-assisted X-ray crystallography for the analysis of biomolecules

Dominique Bourgeois


Combining results from XAS, Raman, STEM and TEOM to obtain reliable information about propane dehydrogenation catalysts

Magnus Rønning


Sensitivity enhancement and dynamic behavior analysis by Modulation Excitation Spectroscopy: The principle and applications in heterogeneous catalysis

Atsushi Urakawa



Catalysis Session


Structure-performance relationships in supported vanadia catalysts under working conditions based on complementary operande raman-GC and in situ xanes spectroscopies

Miguel A. Bañares

Combination of X-ray Absorption with Raman Spectroscopies : at the macro- and micrometer scale

Valerie Briois

High-throughput structure/function screening of materials with multiple spectroscopic techniques

Moniek Tromp

Coupled X-ray scattering and Raman spectroscopy investigations on the synthesis of Mo-based oxides at the µ-spot Beamline at BESSY

Jorg Radnik




The influence of calcination conditions on phase formation in MoVTeNbOx catalysts: A simultaneous in-situ-XRD/Raman study

M. Scheider

Combined X-ray absorption and X-ray powder diffraction study on silver cluster formation in zeolites; effect of pore geometry and addition of copper

Karina Mathisen


Computer modelling of the optics of a dispersive Raman spectrometer

M Sánchez del Río

The combination of EXAFS, UV-Vis and Raman spectroscopy for investigations of Homogeneous reactions

M. Bauer

Combined in-situ XRD and Raman investigations on the desorption reaction of Li-based Reactive Hyride Composites

U. Bösenberg


Two-in-one : XRD and Raman diagnostics combined

A. Depla