ID03 - Surface Diffraction Beamline


The beamline is dedicated to the in-situ studies of the structure and morphology of surfaces. It hosts two diffractometers, one for UHV studies and one that can host different user-specific apparatuses. Real-time experiments are possible, giving the possibility of studying growth processes or reaction at surfaces (as heterogenous catalysis).
Status:  open


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Life Sciences


  • Surface science
  • Nanoscience
  • Catalysis
  • Liquid-solid interfaces
  • Solid-Solid interfaces
  • Growth
  • Surface phase transitions


  • SXRD - surface X-ray diffraction
  • GID - grazing incidence diffraction
  • XRR - X-ray reflectivity
  • GISAXS - grazing incidence small-angle scattering
  • Anomalous diffraction
  • Resonant diffraction
  • DAFS - diffraction anomalous fine structure
  • MOKE - magnetic optical Kerr effect

Energy range

  • 5.0 - 30.0  keV

Beam size

  • Minimum (H x V) : 3.0 x 2.0  µm²
  • Maximum (H x V) : 600.0 x 600.0  µm²

Sample environments

  • UHV end station:
  • -Pressure range 10^-10 mbar - 1 bar
  • -T range 15K - 2000K
  • -Quartz balance
  • -Auger electron spectroscopy (AES)
  • -e-beam evaporators
  • -Knudsen cells
  • Flow reactor
  • -pressure range: min pressure 10^-9 mbar
  • -pressure range in flow conditions: 10 mbar - 2 bars (up to 5 is possible)
  • -mass flow controller for oxygen, carbon mono-oxide, argon, methane, and other gases on request
  • -T range 300K - 1200K
  • -ion sputtering
  • -e-beam evaporator
  • -Mass spectrometer
  • Batch reactor
  • -pressure range 1*10^-9 mbar - 3 bars
  • -T range 300K - 1200K
  • -ion sputtering
  • -mass spectrometer
  • Batch reactor for harsh conditions (suitable for use with HCl, H2S gases and similar)
  • -pressure range 1*10^-9 mbar - 3 bars
  • -T range 300K - 1200K
  • -ion sputtering
  • -mass spectrometer


  • Maxipix 2D pixel detector standard on both diffractometers
  • Scintillator counter with energy analyzer
  • Avalanche photodiode
  • FReLon CCD camera
  • MAR CCD camera
  • Sensicam

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de Poel W., Vaessen S.L., Drnec J., Engwerda A.H.J., Townsend E.R., Pintea S., de Jong A.E.F., Jankowski M., Carlà F., Felici R., Elemans J.A.A.W., van Enckevort W.J.P., Rowan A.E., Vlieg E.,
Surface Science 665, 56-61 (2017)