Important information

Experimental Method Form - Lengh limitation

You are requested to use the TEMPLATE.docx (updated: July 2017) of the "Experimental Method Form" for a Standard Research Proposal; this document consists of a maximum of two A4 pages (including references) with a minimal font size of 12pt. The submission application does not allow the submission of an "Experimental Method Form" which exceeds two pages.

Experimental Reports

Experimental reports on previous experiments MUST be registered as "relevant reports" in your new application for beamtime, even those carried out during the last 6 months preceding the proposal submission deadline. 'Preliminary report" or "confidential reports" can also be submitted. Details HERE.

If you register experimental reports in your new application form for beam time, please make sure that they have been EFFECTIVELY submitted and registered in our data base via the Portal. 

Be aware that:

Applications for Beam Time which do not respect these two points concerning the template and the reports will not be awarded beam time by the Review Committees.

Guidelines for preparing a Beamtime Application for a STANDARD PROPOSAL