How to book IN experiment - Detailed instructions


IN experiment: all industrial experiments that are not macromolecular crystallography (IX and FX) experiments.

1. Agree on experiment date with Beamline Responsible

You should contact the scientist in charge of the beamline (Beamline Responsible) to agree on the date(s) and number of shifts. The Beamline Responsible will inform the BDO.


2. Quotation

If you wish to purchase shifts for one particular experiment, you will be sent a quotation for a specific number of shifts which, if you accept, should be signed and returned as soon as possible.

If, however, you plan to carry out several experiments, you will receive an "open" quotation that will cover all your experiments. A sliding scale of prices is applied as from the 11th shift purchased. You will be invoiced quarterly according to what you have used. The quotation is valid for 12 months as from the date of your first experiment. There is no obligation related to this quotation, you may use as few or as many shifts as you wish - however it will reduce considerably your (and our) paperwork.

We cannot proceed with the administrative procedures, thereby blocking your experiment, until you return this quotation.

3. Application for Beam Time via the web

If it is the first time that you come to the ESRF, as Main Contact, the BDO will inform you by email, with the appropriate link to our web pages, on how to submit an Application for Beam Time via the web. You only need to do this once, since you will be given a Final Number (IN-***), which is your experiment number and, once attributed, is valid until further notice.
More information: Detailed instructions


If you are coming to the ESRF to do the experiment

The BDO receives this Final Number, confirms your experiment in the ESRF database, and sends you, as Main Contact ("Main Proposer"), as well as to the other scientists participating in the experiment ("Co-Proposers"), an Invitation by email which contains information on how to submit the A Form.

A Form

There are instructions concerning the A Form that you will need to submit as Main Contact. The A Form is submitted to obtain site entrance, mandatory for all experiments. It is also used to request canteen card and accommodation, if required. Sample Sheets must be submitted with the A Form.
More information: Detailed instructions

Sample Sheets

You will need to create and save Sample Sheets for each experiment session, then attach them to the A Form. It will not be possible to submit the A Form if you have not attached the Sample Sheets.
More information: Detailed instructions

User Declaration

This is an electronic declaration that you need to Validate and Submit for each experiment.

On-line Safety Training

Once completed, this mandatory safety training is valid for one year.


4. Payment

If you have purchased shifts to cover one particular experiment, once it has been completed, you will be sent an invoice.
If you have signed an "open" contract, you will be invoiced at the end of the current trimester, according to what you have used.


If you are not coming, an ESRF scientist is doing the experiment for you

As above, except that the A Form to be used is the Remote A Form.