Workshop on the Coupling of Synchrotron Radiation IR and X-rays with Tip based Scanning Probe Microscopies

16 - 18 November 2005
ESRF Auditorium

Scope of the workshop

The coupling of Scanning Probe Microscopies (SPMs, such as AFM, STM, SNOM, ...) with Synchrotron Radiation (SR) is attracting increasing attention from the nanoscience community. By combining these two tools one can visualise, for example, the sample nanostructure prior to any X-ray characterisation. Coupled with focusing devices or independently, SPMs can provide spatial resolution below the optical limits. Furthermore, the possibility of employing SPMs to manipulate nano-objects under X-ray beams is another exciting perspective. In this context and under the EU FP6 NMP thematic priority, the ESRF is coordinating the X-Tip project, a joint effort of seven European laboratories with the aim to develop an instrument which will serve as a first platform for further development.

The closely related field of Synchrotron Radiation Infrared SNOM (Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope) [IR-SNOM] is one of these developments, and is the focus of growing interest.

The objective of this first workshop on coupling SPMs with SR is to convene scientists and technologists who are interested in this subject, to gain an overview of the field, share different approaches in mastering the technical difficulties, and to envisage outcomes of this challenging approach.

Venue: ESRF, Grenoble, France - Auditorium

Dates: 16 to 18 November 2005

Local organising committee : Fabio Comin, Olivier Dhez, Roberto Felici, Joel Chevrier, Névine Rochat, Ute Ramseger, Myriam Dhez