Tentative Programme 

Wednesday, 24 March 2004
13:00 Registration - entrance hall of the ESRF
13:30 Welcome - ESRF Auditorium
Session 1: Magnetism in Low Dimensions
Chairman: J. Bansmann
13:45 Recent developments and trends in nanomagnetism

J. Kirschner

14:30 Spin reorientation transition induced by the interlayer exchange coupling

J. Korecki

15:00 Origins of nanomagnetism

U. Gradmann

15:45 Coffee break
Session 2: Dynamics in Low Dimensions (1)
Chairman: A. Chumakov
16:15 Vibrational properties of thin films and interfaces

W. Keune

16:45 Vibrational modes of impurities in crystals and related topics

K. Parlinski

17:15 Size and oxidation effects on the vibrational properties of nanocrystalline materials and nanoparticles 

L. Pasquini

17:45 Discussion


18:00-20:30 Poster session and dinner buffet in the Guesthouse
Thursday, 25 March 2004
Session 3: Magnetic Coupling (1)
Chairman: J. Meersschaut
09:00 Correlation between exchange bias phenomena and interface magnetics configurations

S. Mangin

09:30 Ferromagnetic spin structure in exchange biased Fe/MnF2 and Fe/FeF2 layer systems J. Eisenmenger
10:00 Modification of the Interlayer Exchange Coupling by External Magnetic Fields T. Klein
10:30 Coffee break
Session 4: Magnetic Coupling (2)
Chairman: P. Böni

Nuclear resonant magnetometry used to study the interlayer coupling in Fe/Cr quintalayers

C. L'abbe

11:30 Nonlinear excitations in nanomagnetism

B. Braun

12:00 Discussion  
12:15 Lunch in the guestroom of the ESRF canteen
Session 5: Dynamics in low dimensions (2)
Chairman: H. Franz
14:00 Phase transitions in reduced dimensions H. Reichert
14:45 Diffusion studies on surfaces and in the near surface region B. Sepiol
15:15 Dynamics of ferrocene in AlPO4-5 single crystals probed by quasielastic nuclear forward scattering T. Asthalter
15:45 Coffee break
Session 6: Magnetic Layer Systems
Chairman: O. Leupold
16:15 Magnetic Neutron Scattering P. Böni
17:00 Formation and transformation of domains in antiferromagnetically coupled multilayers D. L. Nagy
17:30 Magnetism of nanoparticles and deposited metal clusters on crystalline surfaces J.Bansmann
18:00 Discussion  
19:00 Bus leaves for the workshop dinner in the Hôtel Les Skieurs
19:30 Workshop dinner
Friday, 26 March 2004
Session 7: Further applications
Chairwoman: C. L'abbé
09:00 Micromagnetic dynamics on the sub-ns scale C.M. Schneider
09:45 Study of self-diffusion of iron in amorphous FeZr alloys using nuclear resonance reflectivity M. Gupta

Contributed Talks:

10:15 Intrinsic and activated nanostructuring in perovskites and spinels
The nuclear inelastic scattering study
A.I. Rykov
10:35 Phase determination in elastic nuclear resonant scattering experiments R. Callens
10:55 Coffee break
Session 8: Outlook
Chairman: J. Korecki
11:15 Instrumentation and sample environment S. Stankov
11:35 Bright lights on the horizon: Future perspectives for nuclear resonant scattering of synchrotron radiation R. Röhlsberger


Discussion and concluding remarks


12:30 Lunch in the guestroom of the ESRF canteen
14:00 Beamline visit for those interested