Organisers: Michael Wulff (ESRF, France)
  Jörgen Larsson (Lund University, Sweden)
  Myriam Dhez (ESRF, France)
  Ute Ramseger (ESRF, France)


ESRF, Grenoble, France


8 - 9 September 2005



FLASH is a Marie Curie Research Training Network supported by the European Community. The unifying scientific aim of FLASH is to exploit recently developed ultrafast pulsed X-ray technology, together with complementary methodologies so as to open new windows on fundamental processes in photo-chemistry and photo-physics. The dynamic structural properties of solids couple to atomic motion and the relevant time-scale is that of a vibrational period (~100 fs = 10-13 s). Within the last few years, novel X-ray techniques have been developed allowing direct probes of small atomic motions on ultrafast timescales. The aim of the training programme within FLASH is to train early-stage and experienced researchers in the methodology and scientific applications outlined in the research programme. This experience will enable the researchers to successfully pursue careers in the rapidly developing field of structural dynamics. This will be complemented by training in generally applicable skills.

The aim of the first annual meeting is to acquaint ER/ESR hired on the contract with the scientific field and to monitor the scientific and hiring progress within the network.