15 - 19 June 2009


ESRF, Grenoble & EMBL Grenoble Outstation - France

Venues: ILL Chadwick Amphitheatre & ESRF Auditorium


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 Organising Committee
ESRF Grenoble Christoph MÜLLER-DIECKMANN, Gordon LEONARD, Didier NURIZZO, Matthew BOWLER, Claudine ROMERO
EMBL Grenoble Outstation Andrew McCARTHY


 Scope of the course

This practical course addresses young scientists who intend to apply single and multiple wavelength anomalous scattering (SAD & MAD) methods in macromolecular structure determination.

The course aims to impart the theoretical and practical basis for the 3-dimensional structure determination of bio-macromolecules using Anomalous Dispersion techniques.

Through a series of lectures, software demonstrations, practicals and tutorials, participants will get insights into all aspects of the structure determination process, including beamline instrumentation, good data collection practice and processing, heavy atom substructure determination, and phasing.

There will also be sessions focusing on automated structure solution procedures and newer methods which exploit small anomalous scattering signals from crystals of native macromolecules.



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