--- Proceedings ---


Introduction by JM Filhol

Plenary Sessions Working groups Conclusions

Challenging brilliance and lifetime issues with increasing currents
A Ropert, ESRF

1. High Intensity / Bunch

General conclusions

Final session, M Poole and A Mosnier

Limiting instabilities in multibunch : review and cures
A Mosnier, CEA

2. Multibunch

Experience from high currents in B factories
K Ohmi, KEK
Longitudinal dynamics in high intensity/bunch
C Limborg, SSRL
Transverse instabilities for high intensity/bunch
R Nagaoka, ESRF
Working group introduction from ESRF experience
JL Revol, ESRF   -  powerpoint file
Impedance modelling : simulations, minimisation
J Corlett, LBNL
Report on the broadband impedance measurements and modelling workshop
J Corlett, LBNL
Feedback systems for synchrotron light sources
Beam instabilities diagnostics
A Lumpkin, APS
Harmonic cavities : the pros and cons
J Jacob, ESRF  - powerpoint file
Experimental Study of fast beam-ion instabilities at PLS
Y H Chin, PLS

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