Conferences and Workshops

EBS Dedicated Workshops in 2019-2020


During 2019 & 2020, a number of workshops aimed at helping users to fully exploit the properties of the new Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS) once the beamlines restart in 2020 will be organised. The list of proposed workshops will be continually updated, as workshops dates are finalised, registration deadlines are set and workshop web pages appear, so please check the workshops summary page regularly.

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Forthcoming conferences and workshops

Type Start Date End Date Name
Workshop 22/01/2020 24/01/2020 Cultural and Natural Heritage at EBS-ESRF
Conference 23/01/2020 23/01/2020 Conference at the Grenoble Museum - Conférence au Musée de Grenoble
Conference 03/02/2020 05/02/2020 User Meeting 2020
Workshop 07/07/2020 09/07/2020 Studies of Dynamically Compressed Matter with X-rays

Past conferences and workshops

Type Start Date End Date Name
Workshop 11/12/2019 13/12/2019 EBS workshop - Sample modulation by high photon densities: desired and undesired effects
Workshop 09/12/2019 11/12/2019 New perspectives for the French CRG beamlines in the EBS framework
Workshop 03/12/2019 05/12/2019 EBS-workshop on X-ray Emission Spectroscopy
Workshop 28/11/2019 29/11/2019 carac2019
Meeting 27/11/2019 27/11/2019 EBS Storage Ring Programme Implementation Event
School 17/11/2019 22/11/2019 USTV School on the Characterization of Glass Structure
Workshop 12/11/2019 14/11/2019 Artificial Intelligence Applied to Photon and Neutron Science
Workshop 05/11/2019 07/11/2019 Cryo-EM Winter Workshop
Workshop 28/10/2019 29/10/2019 Short Pulse Science with the Extremely Brilliant Source
School 21/10/2019 25/10/2019 MEDSI School 2