Calibration Strategies for Convergent Beam SPECT and CT

Start Date
01-02-2018 14:00
End Date
01-02-2018 15:00
Room 500 - 501, Central Building
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Speaker's institute
GE Global Research
Contact name
Eva Jahn
Host name
A. Rack
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In Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) and Computed Tomography (CT), the geometry of the imaging system determines the encoding of the image information into the acquired data.  For convergent beam SPECT, the spatially non-uniform sensitivity due to the collimation further influences this encoding.  Accurate image reconstruction requires detailed knowledge of the data encoding, which in turn necessitates careful calibration of the system geometry and sensitivity.  This seminar illustrates strategies to achieve such calibration for a variety of experimental SPECT and CT systems.  Focus areas are the convenience of use, uniqueness of the result, optimality of the procedure and alternative approaches.

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