Ptychography and Holography for 3D exploration of biological tissues

Biomed Seminar Series
Start Date
23-03-2018 09:30
End Date
23-03-2018 10:30
CIBB Seminar Room, second floor
Speaker's name
Alexandra Pacureanu & Julio C. da Silva
Speaker's institute
ID16A Nano-imaging beamline
Contact name
Claudine Roméro
Host name
Montserrat Soler-Lopez
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09:30    Deep and precise exploration of tissue and cells in their native context with (cryo) X-ray holographic nanotomography
Alexandra Pacureanu, ID16A Nano-imaging beamline

10:00    Quantitative label-free bio-imaging by ptychography and Fournier ptychography
Julio C. da Silva, ID16A Nano-imaging beamline

10:30    End of the meeting

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