Antimatter in space: results from the first 5 years of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the ISS

ESRF Colloquia
Start Date
24-11-2017 14:30
End Date
24-11-2017 17:00
Auditorium, Central Building
Speaker's name
Roberto Battiston
Speaker's institute
Agenzia Spaziale Italiana & Università di Trento
Contact name
Fabienne Mengoni
Host name
P. Bruno and C. Ferrero
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After more than 5 years in space the analysis of about 100 billions of collected cosmic rays AMS results are providing most precise measurements of cosmic ray composition and fluxes up to the multi TeV range, including the rare positron and antiproton component. A number of new and unexpected features have been identified. We discuss these results, their implications and future perspectives.

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