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From the ESRF Users Organisation Charter:

"The purpose of the ESRF Users Organisation (UO) is to promote research at the ESRF by providing an organized framework for discussion within the users community and a direct link between the users and the ESRF Management. Anyone who has used the ESRF in the past five years is automatically a member of the organisation. The Users Organisation Committee (UOC), elected by the members, organises the annual users meeting (UM) and conducts the day-to-day business of the organisation".


Contact the UOC

For any question or suggestion related with the above issues, please write to the UOC


Current UOC representatives


Currently the UOC members represent each of the 7 ESRF thematic areas, as listed below:

                                                rangelini-crop160x116.jpg  Soft Matter Structure (SM)

                                                mbrunelli.jpg  Structure of Materials (MAT)

                                                paolacoan-resize300x370.jpg  X-ray Imaging (XI)

                                                mmapelli.jpg  Structural Biology (SB)

                                                cmazolli-tn.jpg (Claudio Mazzoli)  Electronic Structure and Magnetism (ESM)

                                                Bridget_Murphy-1-resize200x197.jpg  Surfaces and Interfaces (SI)

                                                csanloup.jpg (csanloup.jpg)  Dynamics and Extreme Conditions (DEC)


                                                buslaps_img-resize300x225.jpg  ESRF local liaison

  • Joanne McCarthy

                                              Head of the User Office (UOff)


UOC activity

The UOC typically meets at the ESRF a couple of times per year, once during the annual UM and once during the early fall, in order to organize the next UM event.
Several remote meetings are arranged during the year.