Next Deadline for Standard and BAG proposals: 1st March 2018 (inclusive)


Next deadline for submission of Standard and BAG proposals: 1st March 2018 (Review Committees: 26th and 27th April 2018).

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For STANDARD proposals and BAG proposals - the next deadline will be 1st March 2018 for beam time between August and December 2018 (due to the long shutdown for EBS, the machine will stop on 10th December 2018 at 8:00am).

For LONG TERM PROJECTS proposals, the deadline is 15th January each year.

Please note that due to the long shutdown for the EBS project, there will be NO SUBMISSION OF LTP proposals in January 2018.
The next deadline for the submission of LTPs proposals will be: 15th January 2020.

Following recommendations from our Review Committees, proposers are reminded :

  • Experiment reports on recent beam time usage and on beam time allocations relevant to the new proposal MUST be submitted to support the new proposal. To ensure that reviewers read your experimental reports, remember to indicate the corresponding reports on page 1 of the Proposal form and to respect the report submission deadline.  In this way, the report will automatically be attached to the proposal when the reviewers come to read it.
    Details on submission of experimental reports here (including information on submission of condifential reports)
  • the most recent Experimental Methods template must be used for all proposals submitted – the template is available from the User Guide Web pages in the Guidelines for Standard Proposal. The Experimental Methods section cannot exceed two A4 pages and a 12pt Times New Roman font must be used.
  • resubmitted proposals should be clearly marked as such, and it is mandatory to clearly indicate what aspects of the proposal have been modified or improved. Reviewers advise that proposers omitting these details or resubmitting an unchanged proposal are very unlikely to be awarded beam time.
  • please ensure that publications listed in the relevant tab of the electronic proposal form are only those related to data taken either entirely or partially at ESRF, as requested. For new ESRF users, there is a separate, specific section where non-ESRF publications can be listed.
  • more than one proposer is expected or advised on the proposal form. If this is not the case, the proposer should include a comment on the team who will carry out the work in the experimental technique section of the experiment methods template.
  • the need for synchrotron radiation and for the specific beamlines requested should be clearly justified and explained.
  • any reference in the proposal to previous experiments should always be accompanied by the proposal number of that experiment and its experiment report.