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Inward H+ pump xenorhodopsin: Mechanism and alternative optogenetic approach

Shevchenko V., Mager T., Kovalev K., Polovinkin V., Alekseev A., Juettner J., Chizhov I., Bamann C., Vavourakis C., Ghai R., Gushchin I., Borshchevskiy V., Rogachev A., Melnikov I., Popov A., Balandin T., Rodriguez-Valera F., Manstein D.J., Bueldt G., Bamberg E., Gordeliy V.,
Science Advances 3, e1603187-1-e1603187-11 (2017)

State-of-the-art X-ray spectroscopy in catalysis

van Bokhoven J.A., Lamberti C.,
In: "Nanotechnology in Catalysis: Applications in the Chemical Industry, Energy Development, and Environment Protection" Van de Voorde M. (Eds.) Sels B. (Eds.) (Wiley, 2017) pp. 1029-1054

Theoretical analysis and experimental applications of X-ray waveguides

Bukreeva I., Pelliccia D., Cedola A., Sorrentino A., Scarinci F., Ilie M., Fratini M., Asadchikov V.E., Nosik V.L., Lagomarsino S.,
In: "Short wavelength laboratory sources: Principles and practices" Bleiner D. (Eds.) Costello J. (Eds.) Dortan F. (Eds.) O'Sullivan G. (Eds.) Pina L. (Eds.) Michette A. (Eds.) (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015) pp. 65-84