Details of the thirty-one public ESRF beamlines are given in Table 7. Three of these beamlines possess two end-stations, so there are thirty four end-stations in total, which can be run independently. An additional sixteen beamline branches, situated on bending magnets, are devoted to Collaborating Research Groups (CRG). Eleven of the CRG beamlines are now in operation (including GRAAL), and one (SpLine) is being commissioned. Figure 169 shows the location of the beamlines in the experimental hall; a list of the CRG beamlines is presented in Table 8.


Fig. 169: Experimental hall with the operational and scheduled beamlines (public and CRG beamlines).



Table 7: List of the ESRF public beamlines in operation and under construction.



Table 8: List of the Collaborating Research Group beamlines in operation and under construction.


The Partnership for Structural Biology (PSB) initiated the construction of a new beamline complex at ID23. The first (multi-wavelength) branch has been operational since June 2004, the second (single wavelength microfocus) branch is currently being commissioned.

The High Pressure beamline has been moved from ID30 to a new location, ID27, that was previously used for an industrial beamline. The refurbished High Pressure beamline will be operational in February 2005.