ID29 MX tunable microbeam


ID29 is a fully automated macromolecular crystallography beamline, intended for high-energy-resolution anomalous dispersion phasing experiments and for high-resolution X-ray diffraction experiments.
Status:  open


  • Life Sciences


  • Life science
  • Biological science
  • Biochemical science


  • MX - macromolecular crystallography
  • MAD - multi-wavelength anomalous dispersion

Energy range

  • 6.0 - 20.0  keV

Beam size

  • Minimum (H x V) : 10.0 x 10.0  µm²
  • Maximum (H x V) : 40.0 x 30.0  µm²

Sample environments

  • 100 K cryostream
  • Automatic sample changer
  • Mini-kappa goniometer
  • Dehydration device
  • Pressurised cell


  • Pilatus 6M (Dectris)
  • Rontec Xflash X-ray fluorescence detector

Technical details

ID29 is intended for high intensity, high energy resolution MAD and SAD measurements over a wide range of X-ray wavelengths (0.7 - 2.1 Å). ID29 is equipped with a MicroDiffractometer (MD2) - which allows to tailor the beam sizes down to 75 (full beam), 50, 30, 20 and 10 microns in diameter - and with a FlexHCD Sample Changer. Diffraction data are recorded with a fast readout Pilatus 6M-F pixel detector detector (Dectris LTD) that allows data collection with a maximum frame rate of 25 images/s.

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