The user community demanded an option to perform studies of nuclear diffraction from single crystals (or quasi-crystals) in a conventional mode of reciprocal space scan. For this purpose a high-precision six-circle diffractometer is provided (HUBER). It has two pairs of theta - 2theta circles for both vertical and horizontal geometries of scattering. The angular resolution of the theta circles is 0.87 urad. In addition, it is equipped with a large Eulerian cradle. The cradle is specially adopted to carry the He-closed-cycle and the He-flow cryostat, respectively.

Several smaller goniometers are also available. With their help more complicated diffraction schemes can be arranged. For instance, the diffraction from a sample is provided with a small up-stream goniometer, whereas the diffractometer serves as the analyzer of the diffracted beam. For this option the diffractometer is equipped with motorized horizontal and vertical translations.