ID18 layout

Schematic layout of the beamline ID18. FE - Front End; U32u, U32m, and U32d/U20d - undulators; OH1, OH2 - optics hutches, EH1, EH2, and EH3 - experimental hutches, CC1, CC2, and CC3 - control cabins, CRL - focusing and collimating compound refractive lenses, S1 and S2 - slit systems, HHLM - high heat-load monochromator, HRMs - high-resolution monochromators, FM - focusing monochromator, DIFF - diffractometer, UHV - set-up for in-situ preparation, characterization and NRS measurements of surfaces and interfaces, CRYO - cryomagnetic system.

The layout of the beamline ID18 is schematically shown in Figure.
  • The first optics hutch (OH1) houses the high heat-load monochromator (HHLM), high heat-load primary slits (S1) and secondary slits (S2), various absorbers and monitors (not shown). Compound refractive lenses (CRL) for collimation and focusing are installed in the front-end and in OH1.
  • The high resolution monochromator(s) (HRM) and the sagittal focusing set-up (FM) is installed in the second optics hutch (OH2). Furthermore, collimating and focusing CRLs and monitors complete the set-up.

At ID18 the experimental hutches are utilized as follows:

  • The first experimental hutch (EH1) is devoted to diffraction experiments and nuclear inelastic scattering experiments. A six-circle diffractometer (HUBER) for vertical as well as for horizontal scattering geometry is operational.
  • The second experimental hutch (EH2) is devoted to investigations of samples in a cryomagnet system under extreme conditions as temperature, pressure, and magnetic field using forward scattering and grazing incidence NRS and under UHV conditions using grazing incidence NRS and NIS.
  • The third experimental hutch (EH3) is devoted to the "real" backscattering monochromator for high energies and the nuclear lighthouse effect. Furthermore, it is partly used to accommodate the set-up for ID18F experiments and provides sufficient space and infrastructure in order to house user experiments which bring their own equipment.




Elements of the beamline:


 Photos of Hutches: