Cooling systems

Helium cryostat (ILL orange one)


  • Temperature range: 4-300K
  • Atmosphere: helium
  • Sample type: pellets, frozzen liquids, 5 samples per sample holder

Miniature continuous flow cryostat

  • Temperature range: 4-300K
  • Atmosphere: vacuum
  • Sample type: solid (if possible, thermal conductor), 1 sample per sample holder
  • More information.


High pressure / high temperature

HP vessel

  • Pressure range: 1-2000 bar                                         
  • Temperature range: 20-1500°C
  • Internal cell: vitrous carbon
  • More information.


Diamond Anvil Cells & Hydrothermal Cells

  • From the users.


Gas blower furnace

  • Maximum temperature: 1000°C
  • Atmosphere: nitrogen
  • Borrowed from the ESRF sample environment loan pool.


Other sample environments

On the classical XAS station, any system weighting less than 100 kg, with convenient windows, can be used, after discussion with us and the safety group. On the two other stations, space and supported weight are much more limited.