Classical XAS station: multi-element solid state detection

  • Beam size: 100x300 µm2
  • Energy range: 4.8 to 40keV
  • Detection systems:
    • Transmission mode: diodes collecting photons scattered by air in a black chamber for both incident and transmited intensity measurements
    • Fluorescence mode: 30-element Ge detector (resolution about 250eV for a total counting rate around 30 000 cts/s/elt)
  • Sample environment: any system weighting less than 100 kg, with convenient windows. See Sample environments page.

High dilution XAS station: crystal analyser spectrometer

  • Beam size: 100x300 µm2
  • Energy range: 4.8 to 20keV
  • Detection system: 5-crystal analyser spectrometer (resolution about 1-2eV). The beamline possesses several types of crystals with 1m bending radius:
    •   Ge331 (5 cristals)
    •   Ge110 (3 crystals mid-April 2014)
    •   Ge111 (1 crystal)
    •   Ge422 (1 crystal)
    •   Si111 (diced, 1 crystal)

All crystals were provided by XRS Tech. Please see here the corresponding fluorescence lines. Contact us if you need another one.

  • Sample environment: path between sample and crystals is under helium. Possible sample environments are limited. ESRF mini-cryostat (on the beamline) can be used, as well as heating systems such as gas blower furnace (from the ESRF environment pool). See Sample environments page.

Micro-beam XAS station

  • Beam size: 10x10 µm2 obtained by a Kirkpatrick-Baez system.
  • Energy range: 4.8 to 20 keV
  • Detection system: Vortex SDD fluorescence detector
  • Sample environment: possible sample environments are limited by the small available space. Diamond anvil cells can be used as well as heating systems such as Linkam ones. See Sample environments page.