EXAFS samples


For what concerns EXAFS apparata, users have the choice between a liquid-helium cryostat (T=4-300 K) and a liquid-nitrogen oven-cryostat (T=77-450 K). The dimentions of the related sample holders are shown the pictures below and have to be considered prior to the sample preparation.

Liquid He cryostat Liquid N cryostat

The Liquid Helium cryostat sample holder front (top) and side (bottom) views

The Liquid Nitrogen cryostat sample holder side view
Dimentions of the sample-fixing plate on the sample holder

Liquid samples

In case of liquid samples GILDA can provide to the user PVC cells for vacuum operation of 500 µl (thickness= 6mm) 250 µl (thickness= 6mm) and 100 µl (thickness= 2mm) that can be cooled down to LNT.

User cells

For those users that wish to install a cell in the second chamber (ex catalitic cells) here we provide a picture with the dimentions useful for the design.





The general purpose XAS chamber with the relative quotes.






Monocrystalline samples

In the XAS study of monocrystalline samples, the orientation of the sample surface to the beam polarization vector can be adjusted ( within 2 deg) and for those samples showing strong problems with Bragg peaks in fluorescence mode a Vibrating Sample Holder (VISAH) has been recently developped (picture below) to minimize these effects.





A picture of the VISAH