Acquisition software at GILDA

The beamline is run using VMEs in the experimental hutches linked to  PCs in the control box via ethernet. Programs are developped following a server-client philosophy. Servers run on the VMEs in the experimental hutches managing very general, low-level operations and can be accessed from clients running from any machine. In most cases experiment clients are developped in LabView ambient on a Macintosh computer and can be easily adapted to user needs for non-standard data collections.

Data analysis

Preliminary data analysis can be performed on the beamline. A Macintosh, a PC (with Windows 98) and a LINUX machine are available for users. Software licenced to GILDA includes programs for XAS analysis ( FEFF, UWXAFS, GNXAS, EXAFS pour le Mac, XAFS, EDA ) for image processing Fit2D

, powder diffraction analysis (GSAS).

Configuring your browser

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