• Most of beamline optics and instruments control is done using spec.



  • Programs available to visualise and process your data.


For graphics applications, you can use :

  • xmgrace with or without a spec interface called spec2grace
  • fit2d
  • cplot
  • viewFile (to visualise .spe, .tif, .gel, .edf images files)

For data treatment, you can use :

  • bm2img to process 2D images
  • bm2cal for flatfield auto calibration. Note that it can also be used to reconstruct images obtained moving the detector.
  • bm2grid to study distortions of the detector using the image of a grid.A more complete document can be access as a pdf file.
  • wspec2xl.pl perl script to extract image related information from specfiles
  • spec2int.pl perl script to integrate spec (fast) scan or to correct specfiles for filters, deadtime...