This camera is a 8 bit CCD coupled by demagnifying lenses to a phosphorus screen. The usefull size is 3mm wide by 2mm high. Due to this tiny field, the beam may be outside the active part of the camera; if you are completely lost, use a burning paper, otherwise the camera can be recentered by motorized translation stages (joystick translation and rotation in front of the D2CC screens.

An electronic shutter allows acquisition times from 1e-5 sec to 2 seconds.

It is monitored by a spec application "esrfCCD".

the command is : "ccdlive" . the screen is refreshed every time of acquisition, to stop it, type : ^C.

vertical and horizontal profiles can be displayed using the cursor.

display color and levels can be changed in the command/colormap editor menu.

beam image can be printed in the file/print menu, specify the name of the printer :"print lj2420.d" .