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Protein short-time diffusion in a naturally crowded environment

Grimaldo M., Lopez H., Beck C., Roosen-Runge F., Moulin M., Devos J.M., Laux V., Härtlein M., Da Vela S., Schweins R., Mariani A., Zhang F., Barrat J.L., Oettel M., Forsyth V.T., Seydel T., Schreiber F.,
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 10, 1709-1715 (2019)

3D DNA origami crystals

Zhang T., Hartl C., Frank K., Heuer-Jungemann A., Fischer S., Nickels P.C., Nickel B., Liedl T.,
Advanced Materials 30, 1800273-1-1800273-6 (2018)