Book beamtime


1. Call us!

Tell us the problem you need to solve. We’ll find the right beamline and work with you to define the experiment. We’ll send you a quotation for the work you need, along with our terms and conditions.

2 Accept quotation & send purchase order.

Sign and return the acknowledgment page included with the quotation, and send a purchase order. See our Financial Arrangements page for details about quotations and invoicing.

When we have the signed acknowledgment and purchase order from you and the confirmed date from the ESRF scientist, we’ll send you an a email asking you to create an experiment number. This email specifies the beamline, dates and number of shifts (a shift is 8 hours of beam time), and gives a link to follow for the next step.

3. Request a client (experiment) number

Use the link in the “create experiment number” email to request an experiment number. You will complete a form that asks for the name of the experiment, the people involved and basic information about the sample. This step must be done by (or on behalf of) the person who will be responsible for communicating with the ESRF about the experiment.

The system will give you an experiment number that that you can use forever.

After you have your number, we’ll send you a formal Invitation to conduct the experiment.

4. Provide information about experimenters

ESRF is a controlled-access facility. So, if you are coming to Grenoble, we’ll ask you to provide identification and contact information for everyone who will participate via the A Form. This step must be completed preferably 2 weeks before your arrival date.

We require each experimenter to take online safety training.
 The type of safety training varies, depending on the details of the experiment.

5. Provide information about your samples.

We’ll ask for complete information on your sample(s), so that we can evaluate any safety concerns. This step must be completed as early as possible (minimum 10 days before the start of the experiment) via the A Form.

6. Conduct experiments.

For onsite experiments, follow the personalised instructions sent to you regarding arriving onsite, accessing the beamline, and so on. Bring all requested identification documents and the name and phone number of the scientist assigned to your experiment (your Local Contact). 

Send sample shipments to the ESRF Stores. Do not send samples to your Local Contact. Very specific requirements apply to shipment/transportation of biological samples. Read it here.

7. Send payment

If you have purchased services for one particular experiment, once that experiment has been completed, we will send you an invoice. If you have signed an “open” quotation, we will invoice you quarterly (or at the frequency you prefer) according to the services you have used.