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Ultrasonic welding of 100% lignocellulosic papers

Regazzi A., Viguié J., Harthong B., Dumont P. J. J., Imbault D., Peyroux R., Rueff M., Charlier Q., Guérin D., Leroy L., Krouit M., Petit-Conil M.,
Journal of Materials Science 54, 12938-12950 (2019)

Practical X-ray ghost imaging

Kingston A.M., Myers G.R., Olbinado M.P., Rack A., Pelliccia D., Paganin D.M.,
Microscopy and Microanalysis 24, 132-133 (2018)

Ghost tomography

Kingston A.M., Pelliccia D., Rack A., Olbinado M.P., Cheng Y., Myers G.R., Paganin D.M.,
Optica 5, 1516-1520 (2018)

Bone regeneration: Experiences in dentistry

Mazzoni S.,
In: "Advanced High-Resolution Tomography in Regenerative Medicine. Fundamental Biomedical Technologies" Giuliani A. (Eds.) Cedola A. (Eds.) (Springer, 2018) pp. 123-137

Real-time hard X-ray imaging

Rack A., Olbinado M., Scheel M., Jodar B., Morse J.,
In: "The Micro-World Observed by Ultra High-Speed Cameras" Tsuji K. (Eds.) (Springer, 2018) pp. 227-237

Stylolites: A review

Toussaint R., Aharonov E., Koehn D., Gratier J.P., Ebner M., Baud P., Rolland A., Renard F.,
Journal of Structural Geology 114, 163-195 (2018)