Here you will find instructions on what you need on your PCs, how to access the beamlines and what software you need to run. If you require more information please contact David Flot or Deborah Davison.

NB: When the beam-line is left unattended during a Remote Access experiment please display the yellow remote access signs (these can be found on the beam-line) on the Experimental Hutch and Control Cabin doors.


1 Prerequisites

  • A recent browser (Google Chrome is preferred) to access directly MXCuBE3
  • Zoom to communicate and share screen with your local contact at the beamline
  • Optional: NXClient software installation  or use the web version of the NXClient software at from any recent web browser
  • Optional: NXClient software configuration

2 Prepare your experiment

  • Sample sheets, A form, Safety training
  • Sample supports and description in ISPYB
  • Dewar tracking

3 How to get started

4 Known Issues

  1. Time out when connecting to firewall
  2. Crashing of NX sessions
  3. Authentification failure in NX Client
  4. Apparently slow data collection with Pilatus detectors
  5. Slow response when connected via NX Client
  6. Spec problems
  7. Detector issues
  8. On-axis camera

5 Beamlines specific information