Absorption edge or XANES (X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure) scans are performed in the Energy Scan TAB of MXCube.

 The collection and analysis of X-Ray Fluorescence Emission (XRF) spectra is a simple procedure to analyse the elements present in a crystal and is available via the XRF Spectra TAB of MXCube.


Raw data, plots and conditions of the spectra or scans measurements are now archived and referenced in the ISPYB database under each data collection session.

 As an exemple the snapshots below show how to access Energy scans and XRF spectra measured on the 7th of December as opid291 on ID29:

After logging to ISPYB with your experiment log-in and password, you'll access, by selecting the Data collection TAB from the top heading, to a list of sessions. These are all the experiments you have (or you will in the coming weeks) perform on the MX beamlines. Each session is defined by a date and a beamline. Select the date for which you would like to access to the scans and spectra that you have performed.

 edgeXRF1a.jpg (edge-XRF-0)


A list of data collections during that day will be displayed in the Data Collections SUB-TAB, followed by 2 TABS: Energy Scans and XRF Spectra:

edge-XRF-1.jpg (edge-XRF-1)



Clicking on these TABs will allow you to access to the raw data, plots and conditions of the spectra or scans measurements you have performed during that session.