November 2017

EXI/ISPyB are extended to CryoEM technique.

January 2017

A MOU is signed between ESRF, Soleil, DLS, MAX IV, HZB, EMBL, Global Phasing Ltd, DESY, ALBA institutes !
ISPyB is on github: See ISPyB collaboration pages

June 2015

ISPyB 4.0 is born on June 4th 2015
This release is essentially a huge technical migration, migrating form the jboss6 server to WildFly8.2, and refactoring the project in several maven modules.

Previously ISPYB_20141106 release was installed since 06th November 2014.

July 2014

We collaborate with the SOLEIL synchrotron, the code has been merged, so we use the same version on both sites.
A new session report page is available and new reports (PDF or RTF format) can be exported, including workflows' results.

June 2014

The look and feel of the dataCollection page has changed!

March 2014

The cumulative Intensity Distribution graph has been added in the autoprocessing page.

December 2013

The look and feel of the autoprocessing page has changed!

October 2013

The workflows are integrated into ISPyB.

Summer 2013

Graphs are available from the autoprocessing page: wilson plot, and graphs from XSCALE.LP (resolution vs completeness, resolution vs R-factor, resolution vs I/Sigl, resolution vs CC/2, resolution vs SigAno)

May 2013

A new "References" tab in the dataCollection page includes references (URLs) to beamlines and softwares (EDNA, ISPyB, MxCuBE...). You can also download these references as BibTeX format.

March 2013

Link to PDB files, first modules of BioSaxS ISPyB : ISPyBB integrated.

January 2013

New server machines dedicated to ISPyB.

youpi !

August 2012

Ranking for autoprocessing.

Improvements on manager and local contact  accounts.

April 2012

New server and new version including a lot of technology changes (jboss6, ejb3) and development of webservices for MXCube.

 September 2010

New web pages describing the modifications to the Characterisation tables and the Auto Processing tables.

15 September 2009

Presentation :
From your sample to your data analysis: how to track every step of your experiment in a database. An example with ISPyB for MX experiments - ESRF Experiment Division Tuesday Events - 15/09/2009 - Patrice Brenchereau ESRF/CS/MIS

28 May 2009

New features:Ranking of individual Samples based on DNA/EDNA characterisation.