main control computer: metropolis
data backup: xxx
video servers:

EH2: xxx

OH2: http://id30oh2video1/view/index.shtml

racks: lid30a1, lid30bv,...



All of our MX beamlines are used through the software mxCuBE [Gabadinho, J., et al., "MxCuBE: a synchrotron beamline control environment customised for macromolecular crystallography experiments" J. Synch. Rad. 17, 700-707 (2010)].


Some information about the EDNA tool can be found here.


Some information about the automatic processing of collected data can be found here.


Some information about the ispyb database can be found here.

Remote Access

For information how to connect for remote data collection, click here xxx.

spec sessions and dservers

spec session name: massif-2
All device servers should be started or stopped as blissadm.

When the beamline is running properly, the following device servers should be running:


metropolis:~ % bliss_dserver status
HardwareRepositoryServer: /users/blissadm/local/HardwareRepository
CalcServer:               None


lid30a1:~ % bliss_dserver status
Wagods:         id30_bvab id30_bvcd id30_bv1112 id30_bveu id30_bvfu id30_bv3132
                id30_bv2122 wcid30g wcid30j wcid30m
WagoCt:         massif1
PLCvacuumValve: id30 id30_mad
VacGaugeServer: id30gauges id30ip id30gauges_mad id30ip_mad