In this section the technical details of the beamline are discussed, including the production of X-rays, detector systems, and beamline control. For details on the high pressure equipment referred to throughout  see the section high pressure equipment.

Beamline Layout

ID27 STRUCTURE[1]-01.png

ID27 is composed of an optics hutch (OH, yellow), 2 specialised experimental hutches (EH1 and EH2, red), a control cabin and users area (orange), and a high pressure laboratory and workshop (green).

  • The optics hutch houses the monochromator and attenuators for the incoming synchrotron radiation.
  • The first experimental hutch, EH1 (6 metres long and 2.5 metres wide), is located at 41 metres from the X-ray source. This hutch is optimized for large volume cell experiments using the Paris-Edinburgh (P-E) press and for diamond anvil cell (DAC) experiments at room and moderate temperature using resistive heating and low temperature using helium flow cryostats.
  • The second hutch, EH2 (8 metres long and 3 metres wide), is located at 48 meters from the X-ray source. This hutch is fully dedicated to DAC experiments at very high temperature using laser heating systems (YLF and CO2 systems).
  • Two sample preparation laboratories adapted to diamond cell and large volume cell loading are located at the beamline.

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