Safety Training for Users

All ESRF users are required to perform the ESRF SAFETY TRAINING COURSE on line BEFORE their arrival on site.

The safety training session is available on the ESRF User Portal. Once performed the Safety Training Course is valid for 1 year.



  • A standard Safety Training Course to be performed by the users participating in an experimental session on the ESRF site.
  • A Safety Training Course specific for "remote" MX experiments: this course concerns ONLY the MX users who can perform their experiment remotely. This does NOT replace the standard Safety Training Course which should be performed if the user intends to visit the ESRF at any point for an experiment.

For detailed information concerning the ESRF Safety Regulations, please read carefully the safety information web pages

Information for Users

Proposal deadline for beamtime from March 2017 to July 2017:

10th September 2016 (inclusive)

Long Term Projects:

15 Jan 2017 (inclusive)

Review Committee Meetings:

27-28 October 2016

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