Opening of New XAS Beamline BM23 (replacing BM29)

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The new general purpose XAS beamline BM23 will be open to users from 1st March 2011, and will be accepting new proposals for this beamline for the 1st September 2010 proposal submission deadline and subsequent deadlines.

The X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Beamlines ID24  and BM29 were recently closed to users in order to begin work on the upgrade programme project UPBL11: Time-resolved and extreme conditions X-ray absorption spectroscopy. This project involves the upgrade of beamline ID24 in terms of spot size, time resolution and energy range, and the renewal and move of the standard EXAFS beamline BM29 to its new location on BM23 alongside ID24.

Please note that BM29 is therefore no longer an XAS beamline.