Closure of ID22N

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The Nuclear Resonance side-station ID22N will be closed from 1st March 2011. As a result, ID22N will not be open for new proposals for the 1st September 2010 proposal submission deadline and subsequent deadlines. The operation of ID18 will not be affected.

The capacities in nuclear resonant scattering will be retrieved by the construction of a fixed-energy (14.4 keV) side-station on the canted 6m straight section ID18 in 2011. According to the current planning, the side station should be available after the first shutdown (tentatively scheduled from December 2011 to  February 2012) of the accelerator complex for the construction of the experimental hall extension.

Proposals in the field of nuclear resonant scattering should be submitted to beamline ID18 in the future. The beamtime available on ID18 for allocation to new proposals will be increased to help deal with the increased request expected on this beamline.